This is my A2 media coursework blog. I will be creating a music video for the song 'Confessions' by 'We Are The Ocean'. The project also involves creating a digipak album and a magazine advert for the digipak.

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Monday, 27 September 2010

Thrash Metal

  • Fast tempo and lots of aggression, fast percussion, low guitar riffs, shredding style of guitar playing
  • Big 4 Thrash Metal bands: Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeath, Metallica.
  • Anthrax - Madhouse - it's set in-front of a mental asylum mixed in with theperformance concept. Fast takes in time with the music split screen effect is used.
  • Metallica - Fade To Black - completely performance based, footage taken from an actual live gig, black is used quite a lot and it helps to signify the genre, they are also wearing black.
  • As with most performance music videos, there is lots of focus put on the lead singer and in Thrash Metal they are normally male and sometimes topless. 

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