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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Guns and Roses - Welcome To The Jungle

  • Heavy rock/ metal band that formed in the late 80's.
  • Music has changes a a lot in the way that it is consumed. Especially from things such as tapes and vinyl's into CD's  and MP3's.
  • The music video is an advert or branding for the band/ artist, lots of rock videos feature the band showing off and proving that they can play their instruments well, so their videos usually feature lots of close ups of fret boards, bass drums and the singer etc...
  • The band use their own experiences in the video, using footage of when they went to a big city.
  • It features a woman as the object (this is very common in music videos) this is for something known as the 'male gaze'.
  • Males are normally the main audience for rock, heavy metal and rap music.
  • The band have very distinctive clothing and  hair style codes. They were a new band at the time this song was released and they had a different and individual style compared to other bands. 
  • Largely medium shots are used however there are a few long shots and close ups of Axel. He is in nearly all of the shots as he is the lead singer and arguably the most important in the band.
  • Documentary footage is intercut into the video, this is quite common in some music video's, especially using TV news footage.

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