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Thursday, 2 September 2010

The King Blues - Save The World Get The Girl

See the video here: (for some reason youtube won't give me the embed code). 

  • The King Blues  are a protest band that produce fused ska, folk rock, and punk to create a unique sound. 
  • Save the world get the girl is their 6th single which they released in 2009. It's the tittle track to their second album.  
  • The video features the band on the road and it's almost documentary style showing what they get up to as a band such as performing at gigs, back stage, on the road, at protests and there are some shots of the band members almost like a photo shoot. 
  • The tittles and a few important lyrics are shown on screen using a graffiti effect (that fits in with the style of the band) where the words are sprayed on. 
  • Personally i don't think the video has much to do with what the songs about and they have used this opportunity to showcase what the band get up to and maybe a more personal and deeper look at the band. 
  • Simple editing has been used within the video with straight cuts and most of the footage has probably bee recorded by the band. 
  • At different  points during the video there has been a filter effect used on the camera lens.

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