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Monday, 27 September 2010

Guns and Roses - Sweet Child Of Mine

  • Shot in black and white, howevere it has a few colour sequences included. Black and white can tend to be a little risky but they were a big band at the time so they could take the risk and use it.
  • They use the idea of removing the fourth wall and looking behind the scenes which is a little unusual, but this shows a more personal side to the band.
  • The band logo is shown straight away on the bass drum, and on the backdrop behind the band, this provides anchorage for the audience.
  • It uses the ideology of the performance music video, however it's filmed in a warehouse but with no audience just the film crew and technicians etc.
  • There is lots of background footage used as if a fan has taken it. Other camera's filming the band and lights are also shown so you can see the process of the video being made.
  • Some cutting to the beat is used and the editing speeds up (especially during the instrumental break).
  • It's a post modern video, even at the time that it was made. The actual meaning of the video is a little obscure and it can't really be pinned down.   

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