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Monday, 13 September 2010

Kanye West - Good Morning

  • Kanye West (33) is an American rapper, singer and record producer.
  • 'Good Morning' is the opening track from his 3rd studio album that he released in 2007.
  • The song wasn't actually released as a single however, the music video was produced be Takeshi Murakmi (he is the person behind the artwork for the album) a Japanese pop - artist.
  • In the video Muarkmi brings to life the various designs he had compiled for the album booklet.
  • He uses cel-shaded animation with a computer graphics program. It makes computer graphics appear as if they have been hand drawn.
  • The video takes place in 'Universe City'  in a futuristic time period.
  • The protagonist in the video is West's mascot and trademark, "Dropout Bear". It appears on the covers of 4/5 of his albums (including 'Graduation') and also various single covers and music videos.  
  • The narrative of the video is the "Dropout Bear" overcoming various obstacles in an effort to get to his college in time for his graduation ceremony.
  • This style of music video (animation) is unique for it's genre, but i think the video fits with the music  and it works really well. 

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