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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Example - Watch The Sun Come Up

  • Example  is a 28 year old singer/ rapper from Fulham, UK, and he is currently signed to Data Records
  • He produces mainly pop, electro and hip/hop music but most of his songs are different and he recently said that he wanted each of his albums to have different sounds to them.
  • The video starts with him in a bed with a girl but then it appears that he was just imagining it. Throughout the video it switches between him with and without the girl. My interpretation of the video is that she's a holiday romance and he's trying to decide whether/ how much he likes her.
  • It's set in lots of different locations such as various city streets, a bedroom, a beach and a club.
  • This particular music video uses a cartoon effect where is takes what's on screen and it's put into a drawn format and throughout the video it switches between this cartoon style and just the normal lens. I think it's a really clever device and definitely adds another depth to the video and helps it to stand out and be more interesting for people to watch.
  • I think they might of used this effect because it helps to portray whether what he's doing and thinking is real or whether it's too good to be true and won't last for very long.

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