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Monday, 27 September 2010

Grunge Metal [The Seattle Sound]

  • Originated in the late 80's
  • It was made to combat against the hair meta genre because they saw that as a joke.
  • Pearl Jam - Jeremy - essentially narrative but with a few aspects of performance but it just includes the lead singer, extended intro and lots of use of colour filters on the camera lens.
  • Alice In Chains - Them Bones - performance video, strange camera filters used, these give a weird tone to the whole feel of the video, cave/dessert setting which links into the their album cover of 'Dirt'.

  • Nirvarna - Smells Like Teen Spirit - performance video, located in a gym in a school however they were more focussed and fussed about their music rather than how they looked. The youths are shown in the video lots to show and prove that they care about them. There is very little emphasis about what the band are wearing they weren't very bothered about what they looked like or their identity, it's very simplistic but most of the members of the band have long hair. There songs and videos often include very controversial and rebellious aspects.
  • Lots of Grunge Metal videos relate quite a lot to their lyrics.

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