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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tenacious D - Tribute (embed code disabled)

  • American rock band that formed in in 1994.
  • They've released 2 albums.
  • 'Tribute' is the first single off their self-tittles album that was released in July 2002.
  • The song tells the story of their encounter with a demon that demands them to play the best song in the world. They make up a song on the spot and it just happens to be the best and the demon was amazed. But the lyrics then make out that this song that they have just come up with on the spot doesn't actually sound anything like this and it's a tribute towards it.
  • Before the song itself starts there is a narrative section that makes the music video into a small film. Jack Black and Kyle Grass enter into a cheap shopping centre karaoke booth thats been re-wired to record their tribute.
  • There isn't really much camera movement involved in the video.
  • Use of diagetic sounds.
  • Graphics program has been used for the part when they see the demon.
  • Generally slow paced editing and fairly long takes are used.
  • It also features some celebrities, for example, Dave Grohl plays the demon, and at another point Ben Stiller walks past the 'recording' booth.
  • Narrative/ Performance

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