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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Codes and Conventions of Heavy Metal Performance Music Video's

  • Quite a lot of the time it's ususal too see a little bit of concept or narrative ideas included aswell as the performcance aspect e.g. setting up before the gig or on the road on-route to the gig
  • Lots of quick camrea movement to give the video lots of energy and break up the takes a little.
  • In some cases documentory footage is used of the band prehaps when they are on tour this also breaks up the video.
  • Music videos are used as a marketing tool for the band to sell records and so people can see what they are like and how good they are so then more people will also look up other songs they have done.

  • Some of the transitions between scenes are sometimes cut to the beat however not all of the time
  • There are lots of close ups of things such as the fret boards, the bass drum and shots over the head of the drummer show that the band can play their instruments well.
  • Narrative ignima is included and created by not seeing band the members faces.
  • Lots of behind the scenes footage is also used in many examples shots of this include the venue, soundcheck, tour bus, roadsigns, and other backstage access this makes the video a little bit more personal for the audience.
  • Most of the shots will include the lead singer in them (especially close ups).
  • Diagetic sounds are often used in the introduction making it into a micro-drama/ short-film.
  • Members of Heavy Metal bands stereotypically create an image that's true to the genre this includes having long hair and wearing black clothing, they are also quite often seen smoking, drinking alchohol (Jack Daniels) and wearing a hat backwards.
  •  Some narrative and concept videos, other members of the band walk past the lead singer and are just in the background.
  • Some bands may use their music videos as  opportunity to show their support to their fans and maybe include a more personal side to the band, and if the crowd look like they are having a good time at the bands gig then other people will want to go to their gigs. e.g. Bruce Springsteen pulls out someone from his crowd up onto the stage and dances with them.

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