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Monday, 27 September 2010

Nu-Metal [Rap]

  • Critics say that the genre is disappearing because some of the bands are creating different genres, but others say that the genre is recovering because Limp Bizkit has a new album coming out.
  • Their songs are about suffering and bad things that they have taken from their personal life (such as drug addiction, alcoholism, suicide, pain, paranoia, hurtetc..). This fits in with their target audience of teens so they will be able to relate to it a lot.
  • The mainstream success of this genre was in the 1990's - 2000's 
  • Mostly performance videos with narrative concept ideas also included that fits in with the lyrics. In the video for 'Papa Roach - Last Resort' the audience were surrounding the stage).
  • The clothing of the people included in the music video help to anchor the genre.
  • Very realistic which is quite different from many other metal videos.

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