This is my A2 media coursework blog. I will be creating a music video for the song 'Confessions' by 'We Are The Ocean'. The project also involves creating a digipak album and a magazine advert for the digipak.

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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Yeo Valley Advert

  • Set in location on a rural farm.
  • Mise-en-scene includes cows, tractors, and hay etc..
  • The outline of the advert is a group of farmers (including 1 girl) thinking they are 'cool' pretending to be 'gangsters' but they on a farm.
  • They are promoting milk as their product so during the clip some of them drink it, this helps to portray milk as being cool and they are trying to signify that if they can even remain cool whilst drinking 'Yeo Valley' milk.
  • By being farmers and gangsters it's a counter-type or a juxtaposition of farmers. To create their 'gangster' image they keep their clothes and the mise-en - scene the same but have just changed their moves and mannerisms.

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