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Monday, 11 October 2010

Professor Green feat Lily Allen - Just Be Good To Green

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  • It's a performance/ concept music video.
  • Lily starts off he music video by standing on a big platform wearing a big black and white coat with a simple black and white background. She is slowly spinning round. Professor Green then appears walking around in the background.
  • Professor Green is then showed sat in a leather arm chair with lots of girls surrounding him. This will appeal to the male audience because the girls are very skimpily dressed and not wearing much. This is for the male gaze and some would say that the girls are only featured on the screen for men to look at because they look good.
  • There are quite a few interesting shots taken of the girls' legs and there is also an interesting shot of Professor Green but the camera is looking at him through a girls legs which is quite effective.
  • At certain moments Professor Green looks straight into the camera through the lens at the audience, this helps him to make a connection with the audience and keep their attention. 
  • Some special effects are used  and have been edited during the editing process.
  • Fast paced editing and cutting to the beat is also used quite often.
  • Some lyrics especially during the chorus are written on some of the girls' backs, this is in the same style/ font that his tattoo on his neck is like. I think this is really effective and creative and i read it that he is signifying that the girls are 'his' and it's almost his stamp on them.
  • Simple colours are used (black, blue and white) but they are still effective.
  • There aren't many close ups of Professor Green or Lily Allen which is a little bit unusual for a video of it's genre, however this might be because there is a big focus on the girls and they are almost in every shot.
Me doing a vodcast on the music video...

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