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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

XX - Crystalised

  • Formed in 2005.
  • Crystalised is taken from their self-titled debut album that they released in August 2009. It got to #3 in the U.K. Album Charts.
  • It’s a concept video.
  • It starts off black then a bright orange light appears. 
  • Next the band are shown stood in-front of a wall with their instruments.
  • The wall has different images projected onto it such as clouds, the sea, sunsets, lights buildings etc..
  • All of the band are wearing black, probably so they are all the same and the images from the projection are clear.
  • There is lots of close ups of their instruments when they are playing them, quite a few interesting shots and dutch angles are used during this.
  • Apart from the projector not much lighting is used.
  • Personally I think that this video is quite achievable to achieve if I was to recreate the video. All I would require is the band, the instruments, a wall, a projector and some images for it to project. 
  • I really like this video because its very simple but at the same time it’s also very effective.

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