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Saturday, 16 October 2010

IKEA Kitchen Party Advert

  • It's a music video that's been used as an advert to sell kitchens from IKEA.
  • It lasts for exactly a minute which is double the amount that a normal advert lasts for and it has also been screened during the adverts of the X-Factor on a saturday night, which (at the moment) is the most expensive advert slot on British TV. This signifies that the company are willing to spend lots of money so people get to know and recognise the product/ company that they are promoting.
  • If the advert is twice as long as average then it will cost at least 2 times as much to produce and screen it.
  • This is mostly aimed at the 'youth market' (15-24) trying to prove that IKEA is relevant, cool and good to have. 
  • However this also aimed at an older audience because they will recognise the song which is (probably) from the 80's.
  • The advert also creates a little bit of narrative enigma for the audience to keep them guessing as to what the advert is trying to get across, then at the end of it the IKEA logo appears and gives anchorage to the audience. It also makes the audience want to keep on watching it till the end to find out what the advert is all about.

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