This is my A2 media coursework blog. I will be creating a music video for the song 'Confessions' by 'We Are The Ocean'. The project also involves creating a digipak album and a magazine advert for the digipak.

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Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Doors - People Are Strange

  • We were played this piece of music [The Doors - People Are Strange] and had to come up with an idea of how we would make this song into a music video e.g. what ideas we had, shots we would use etc..
  • I had the idea of opening with an establishing shot of an empty road that had some houses on it, this would be a canted/ dutch angle shot to signify that something isn't quite right and it would also have a blue filter on the lens to have some horror connotations.
  • The next shot would include the lead singer walking down it but the shot is just the back of him and we don't see his face to create some narrative enigma. 
  • As the song moves on the lead singer is slowly joined by other people that just generally look really odd and un-natural. Some of them are limping and shaking and just starring at the lead singer. While this is happening i would use a tracking shot and also quite a few close up shot's of the lead singer and the 'freaks' that are surrounding him. 
  • Eventually the other band members join him in walking along the road,  they have guitars and drumstick in their hands and are playing along with the music. 

  • I would also use fast paced editing to keep the video interesting and if it has sort takes then it will be more 'strange' and add to the whole theme of the song.
  • It would be mostly narrative with a little bit of performance when the band come to join the others walking down the street. 

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