This is my A2 media coursework blog. I will be creating a music video for the song 'Confessions' by 'We Are The Ocean'. The project also involves creating a digipak album and a magazine advert for the digipak.

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

My Pitch

  • Jack and Giles - Never Done This Before .
  • Local artists, they attend Ilkley Grammar School (in year 10) so they would be easy to get hold of and in contact if needed to. 
  • Rap/soul, piano, acoustic recording.
  • 3 minutes 22 seconds long.
  • Narrative but mostly concept possibly with a little bit of performance. 
  • Romantic (comedy) situation between a girl and a boy.
  • The boy (central protagonist) is trying to gather the courage to ask this girl out, he is seen looking through photos of him and her and also looking through her Facebook profile etc.. Then finally he gets enough courage and asks her to meet him to ask her out and she then says yes. 
  • I would also include an aspect of parts of footage of Giles and Jack from when i was asked to record them performing before. This is quite raw footage and it gives the video a more personal touch to it and it's almost   behind the scenes footage. 
  • The core audience for this song/ video is tween/teen audience and the secondary audience is youth and young adult (15-30). However because of the mixture of the genres would broaden the audiences as opposed to just having  one of the genres.

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