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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ideas For Shots

We each went away and individually came up with 10 ideas for different shots to use within the video. We then came back and discussed as a group the ideas that we came up with and which ones we wanted to incorporate. 

These are our findings and ideas that we came up with...

Lucy - Near the end the protagonist is sat on the wall then the train will go past and she            disappears.
         - Band are backlit so you cant see their faces because it isn't the band themselves.
         - Use a steady cam effect/method on a close up shot so we can see more emotion.
         - Pan of a girl on a street from a car driving past.
         - Close up and fast paced montage of her quickly packing her bag in a big rush.
         - Extreme long shot of the girl walking along a road looking for somewhere to go (tilted angle).
         - When she is writing the note a close up is used and words from the letter are flashed up on the screen using an effect from final cut.

Mary -  Opening over the shoulder shot of the girl writing.
          -  The Girl looks up into a mirror, we would have to stand at the side to take this .
          -  Layer images of the girl wandering over each other.
          -  Have a ending with narrative enigma to make the audience want to watch it again.
          -  Shots of the girl reaching towards a door handle , close up on her hands.
          -  Lots of shots of her fiddling with things, paper and bracelets? fiddling with hands.
          -  Use of reflections throughout, in shop windows etc.
          -  A sepia or faded effect throughout.
          -  When the girl is walking through the house to leave there are broken plates and thrown over furniture. There could also be flashbacks to what happened later on in the music video.

Chris -  Medium close up over the shoulder of her reaching out to  person and they disappear.
          -  Social realist doc style.
          -  Walk through the school and sees children playing and then they disappear.
          -  Super impose her on the edge of a bridge looking distressed, long shot.
          -  An extreme close up of her face, crying.
          -  Low angle tracking shot of the guitarist.
          -  For 'eyes' lyric and extreme close up of her eyes.
          -  For the 'oh oh' lyric a train goes over some bumps.

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