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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Case Study on: The Pixies

  • Formed in 1986, their career spread to 1993 then the band split to go their own ways and make their own music. They then reformed in 2004 and are presently still making music. 
  • They have been with 4 differnent record labels throughout their career: 
    • 4AD - a British independent record label 
    • Elektra - American label, owned by Warner Music Group
    • Spin Art - New York, Independent formed in 1991 (now defunct since 2007) 
    • Artemis - New York, independent label formed in 1999 (now defunct since 2006).
  • Although they were an american band they were actually much more successful in the U.K.
  • They had very little chart success but they were received a lot better in the U.K.
  • All the band members come from very humble backgrounds and origins and these factors have helped and influenced them with their music.
  • Here Comes Your Man - This music video was used as a protest video by the band because they were asked to perform on a chat show but they were told that they would have to mime. The band certainly weren't happy about this because as a band the hole point of them is to perform to people and spread their music around anywhere they can. In making this music video in response it shows the bands authenticity and that they can stand up for themselves. 
  • Velouria - This video was made because they were asked to perform on 'Top Of The Pops' but they could only appear if their single had a music video to go along with it. They then went and grabbed a camera, travelled to a quarry and filmed 24 seconds of footage and slowed it down so it fit the same length as the music. 

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