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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Case Study on: Cher

  • She also is an actor and director and she is quite often reffered to as "The Goddes Of Pop".
  • She became smaller and lost popularity as her career went on. 
  • In 1998 she was the oldest woman (at 52) to have a number one hit with "Believe".
  • If I Could Turn Back Time - The video is set on a navy war ship with Cher doing a performance with lots of sailors as the audience in the background. Lots of phallic imagery is also used, this brings up the idea and theme of sexuality as Cher is also not wearing very much at all and the navy is very stereotypically used so the song and video appeals to the "pink pound" audience. 
  • Walking In Memphis - This video was quite distinctive and talked about quite a lot. In this song especially her deep voice is really noticeable and she has a male personality throughout it, there have been some questions about her sexuality because of these issues. It's a gospel blues style song that's set during the 50's in America. Part of it is set in a very stereotypical diner, she is also seen sat on the steps of a greyhound public bus this helps to bring out the humble side to her personality so that her audience can relate to her. All of the video is in black and white, this has been used to signify that it is set in the past and not present day.

  • Believe - Quite an emotional song, it has quite a lot of meaning in it. It is set in a club environment which appeals to her primary target audience of 15-34. Lots of coloured filters and flash cuts are used with very fast paced editing. Her physicality is quite a big part of her appeal to her audience. She clearly uses a vocoder within the song. 

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