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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Master Shortie - Dead End

    • The music video is mostly located in a club setting with lots of colorful lights and dancing people however he’s also stood in front of a graffiti’d wall singing along while the guitarist plays along in the background a flat is also used as another location. Cross cutting is used to swtich between the different locations throughout the music videos
    • A green screen is used in part of the video, it shows lots of very fast moving lights and Master Shortie is just stood there singing along to the words, in these scenes lots of very close ups are used of his face.
    • Fast paced editing is used throughout the video, most transitions are just straight cuts and they all fit in with the music.
    •  There is also quite a few shots of the girl that he wants, during the video he walks around the club looking for her.  
    • Mainly close up’s, medium shots and long shots are used along with lots of crowd scenes inside the club/ party. Overhead shots are used to follow Master Shortie around the club tracking his moves.
    • The song and video are mainly about him out at a party and he wants a girl that he see’s however he has a girl already at home so there’s no point and it’s a ‘dead end’. 

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