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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Lady Sovereign - So Human

  • Lady Sovereign (Louise Harman 24) is a British rapper and grime artist. that dropped out of school at the age of 15 and since then has come a very long way.
  • 'So Human' is her 9th single and it was released in 2009
  • The video begins with Lady Sovereign  standing in front of a board as if she is in a photo shoot, posing.
  • Then it cuts to her being interviewed in front of a board with lots of logo’s on it
  • Next there is a  close up of the interviewer and the artist, while Sov is being interviewed she is singing along to the words of the song like it’s part of the interview
  • She then trips up someone in  dress and heels that’s walking down the red carpet past her and she also grabs a photographers camera and throws it
  • It then cuts to a montage where she is on the front cover of different magazines and it goes back to this quite a few times throughout the rest of the video
  • Next she is laid on a psychiatrists sofa talking to them but singing along to the words in the song
  • In the final part of the video it cuts back to the photo shoot but then Sov turns it into a party scene with loads of extra’s and she starts dancing with them.

  • Mostly fast paced editing is used during the video with the transitions between scenes moving in time with the music but it’s mainly just straight cuts are used.

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