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Monday, 23 August 2010

Envy - Set Yourself On Fire

  • Envy (Nicola Varley) is a 23 year old grime, electro and hip-hop rapper/ mc from Manchester, UK.  
  • She is signed to the independent record label StopStart Records and is quickly becoming more and more popular, definitely one to watch for the future.
  • The Video begins with her name in a logo form that also appears on most of her CD covers.
  • It then cuts to a shot where she is waking up and has  a steady-cam attached to her so it follows and imitates her movement. This is used for most of the video.

  • Next a fuzzy transition is used to bring us into the next location in the video which is a high street walking along and miming to the music.
  • The rest of the video consists of Envy being in lots of other locations such as a cafe, restaurant, a cab, a lift, a hallway, and in the recording studio. 
  • When it reaches the chorus the video changes substantially using fast moving images and probably a green screen is used. The images in the background are of Envy and they move as the music changes.
  • After the chorus it goes back to Envy being in various locations with the steady-cam.
  • During the video lots of fast paced editing is used cutting from different locations.
  • The song is about not just expecting to be amazing and great and successful as if by magic but you actually have to work and 'set yourself on fire' to get somewhere and make things happen.
  • The video ends with some tittle's on the screen. It's a quote from Arnold H. Glasgow. "Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire." 

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