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Monday, 21 March 2011

Rough cut 15/03/11 and Audience Feedback

[Click on the video to go to youtube to have the opportunity to watch it in HD quality.]

  • In one of the bridge shots there is someone walking behind Emily and it diesn't look right.
  • Cutting to the beat sometimes works but in other places it's out of time.
  • The black screen transition slows the pace of the video down quite a bit. Maybe use a fade or a cross fade instead.
  • The very fast cutting to the beat is sometimes overused.
  • We could maybe repeat a certain shot a 1 specific drum beat or guitar note.
  • Some people said that the flashing and flickering effect that is on the performance footage is sometimes really off putting. To over come this we could possibly use stills instead or try using a strobing effect from Final Cut Express.
  • Maybe swap the shot where Emily is touching the photos of the back of the bedroom door with when she is packing her bag.
  • There is a small camera shake when Emily walks out of the gate.
  • Make sure we stick to the pace of the song and what's on screen reflects what is happening within the music.
  • The fast paced editing with the drum fill works really well.
  • The argument could be slowed down because it is in the slower part of the song and near the beginning of the music video.

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