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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Evaluation Question 3:

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

  • We have learnt lots about how to improve our work and listen to peoples advice and critisims and take them into account during all of the process of making all 3 of the products and ancillary texts. 
  • It was also good to see what people other than me and Mary who haven't seen it before could look at if rom a fresh insight and angle and give us feedback from how they see it and whether or not it works as a product and in different contexts and situations with different age differences.
  • From our feedback from lots of different places such as Facebook, Youtube, Family, Friends, Twitter, and in class etc. we have found out that we need to look at our product in close detail and shot by shot and decide if the framing and editing of each shot and any general camerawork is of a very high standard enabling us to achieve higher marks and get us into the top grade bands. We used lots of precision when editing and wanted to make sure that we used the footage that we shot, and the editing opportunities that we had to the fullest because in Final Cut Express 4 (the editing program we used to edit the music video) there are so many effects and tools that are available and that can be applied so we used the audience feedback to help us in every stage and especially the target audience because they are the ones that our music vide is aimed at.
  • Audience feedback has changed and reinforced our ideas quite a many times during the whole process. From it we have decided to add more characters to the narrative part of the video to add exposition as to why Emily is running away from home and also so that we could add in lots more shot variation and difference to the editing and effects that we used. We have also done quite a few re-shoots of scenes because of audience feedback and most of the time the audience feedback has been really positive for us and encouraged us quite a bit because people were really impressed with what we had come up with and they thought that what we were producing was something to the same standard as a music video that a top band would make and create.
  • When screening our work to get audience feedback on it we found that it's absolutely necessary to make sure you have pen and paper available to take notes about the feedback and also any recording equipment (such as voice recorders, cameras, tapes etc) are all set up and working before so you aren't wasting peoples time.  Me and Mary both found that it's also necessary to explain to people and put into context what you are screening/ showing people and what context it's in and if there is anything in particular that needs looking and or feedback from a certain part or take etc for them to analyse, then you explain what that is so they can look out for it and it gives them time to think about it and therefore give better feedback. 
  • Getting feedback from different age ranges was also very useful because we go to see how they consumed the music videos and what quite a wide range of people thought about the video and other ancillary products. 

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