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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Rough Cut 1 and Feedback


Feedback from

From the screening in class: 
  • We need to look at each shot individually and see whether it could be improved in any way, if not then delete it.
  • The editing needs to reflect the song a bit more.
  • More narrative is needed to find out why she is running away from home.
  • We need to experiment a little bit more with Final Cut because there is lots of different effects and possibilities that we could use in our music video. Especially the multiple video layers effect.
  • The performance footage is very good but it could be used better. Some of the takes are too long and it needs to be intercut into the rest of the video a little more and not just in the chorus. 
  • Repeat the part where she is with her friends coz it's a nice shot and it works really well, however, the fade could be a little bit slower. 
  • It's a bit too repetitive in parts.
  • The narrative gets lost in the later section, nothing much really happens and there is too much performance.
  • The panning shot from behind worked really well but there are a few that aren't framed very well, her head is chopped off in quite a few takes.
  • The high angle shot filmed from above worked really well. 
Actions to be taken from the feedback we received:

  •  Sync the performance shots with the lyrics in the music.
  •  Look at the shots individually and decide if there framed well and work well and if anything else can be done to it.
  •  Make the editing reflect the pace of the song. Final Cut has a tool that allows the shot to be in time. Use it! 
  •  Re-look at the narrative and make it fluid throughout so people can easily understand what's happening on.
  • Split the performance footage up more, make the guitar solo footage shorter to maintain audience interest.
  • Use more final cut effects (layering of shots etc..).
  • Make the friends disappearing effect (fade transition) last for longer.
  • Make it less repetitive, lots more variation of shots.

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