This is my A2 media coursework blog. I will be creating a music video for the song 'Confessions' by 'We Are The Ocean'. The project also involves creating a digipak album and a magazine advert for the digipak.

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Monday, 28 February 2011

The Digipak Album

  • We have decided as a group that the digipak that we are producing is going to be a live album with an extra bonus  special edition music video for 'Confessions'. 
  • The original idea was going to include actual live tracks that we would download the audio from youtube off but after doing some research we found that not all of the tracks had very good audio quality and it would be pointless including them on the digipak. 
  • After much discussion we have finally decided that the digipak will be quite a simple gatefold layout with one sleeve for the audio cd and the other sleeve for the dvd with the music video and special edition bonus documentary and behind the scenes photos.
The original photo for the digipak: ----->

  • For this we changed the colour filter slightly, this was so it fit the social realist style of our video and show the grit and roughness of the music that the band produce which reflects the genre. 
  • This bridge is also featured in part of the music video so if people see the video/digipak then they can relate it to that. However we didn't want it to feature much if the video too music because it was a live digipak album that we were trying to sell and not just the digipak. 

 First draft -----> 

  • To create this we added a colour filter on the top so the background is all black and we also added the white silhouette of the band on the bridge. We also added the band name and tried to create a logo for the band. 
  • However we decided that the silhouette of the band members looked out of proportion and it just didn't look right. 

 Second draft:

  • For this draft we tried to put the band members in silhouette again but at the beginning of the bridge coz we thought that they might look a little bit more in place and in proportion. However after some audience feedback we decided again that they still didn't look quite right and the colour of the members was too similar to the colour of the bridge. 
  • We also decided to take off the blue colour filter and just have the sky white so the name of the bad would stand out.

 Third Draft:

  • For this version we added the tittle and name of the band but tried to do it in a graffiti style to see what it would look like and sot hat it would be a bit more social realist.
  • The audience feedback we got from this however was that you couldn't really see it very well and the plain text that we had before worked much better and was much more clearer.
  • As you can see we also decided to take the band members off because we thought it made the album look too busy and confusing and we thought it looked better simplified. 
Fourth Draft:

  • In this version we changed the graffiti style sprayed writing for the band name and album tittle for 'New Times Roman' text. We choose this quite simple text  because this is what 'We Are The Ocean' have used on past albums, magazine adverts and other merchandise.
  • We also used another photograph we took and changed the text so that it would say 'New live track album out now'. However after some audience feedback from Facebook,  Twitter, and also friends and family they said it was hard to read and would be done by something such as a sticker that would be placed on and not on the actual front cover of the digipak itself. 

 Final Draft: 

  • We are really pleased with the final draft of the digipak and we think that it could be sold in actual high-street shops (such as HMV,, Amazon or downloaded through places such as iTunes) and I personally think that it reflects real media products that are sold within a consumer market. 
  • For it to use and develop codes and conventions of real media products we have included items such as a barcode, isbn/ publishing numbers and codes, copyright information and to keep up with new forms of media and communications we have used a example 'QR' code. 
  • QR (abbreviated from 'Quick Response') codes enable people with smart phones (such as iPhones, Blackberry's and Android) to access information in a really quick and easy way. To use the QR code they simply have to use an app or the camera on their phone and they can access information such as websites, contact information or even connect to a wireless network etc. During recent years they have become increasingly popular in advertising, entertainment and artwork. Although the QR code we have included on our digipak won't actually work we still think that including it on the digipak will help it to sell more and it also makes it more accessible for people that are buying it especially our (primary) target audience (15-24).

Feedback on the final draft:
Looks very much like a rock music coverI like the images - especially  the interior. It would stand out and catch my attention.
 love the images - it's gutsy. i like the matte finish and feel, it feels recyclable and in with the environment ethos. Imagery gives me the sense of a journey and its taking me somewhere. Also the blue/grey brooding colours fit with the title of 'Ocean'. It's fab!

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