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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Recreating Britney Spears Classic

Earlier this year we set the near impossible task of recreating a classic Britney Spears music video. It was a bit task with over 100 shots to re-create from the original and we only had a day to film at all locations just using the two A2  media classes. We provided all the props and came up with the dance moves ourselves and it really helped us to get to grips with creating a music video and being under a very tight time schedule. We all definitely learnt a lot from taking part in this task and any problems that we encountered helped us to prepare for our A2 coursework and many of the skills can also be applied.

My role within the project was to act and appear in the video as an extra, help to direct the gym scene (which was especially hard because of the choreographed dancing that appears in the original music video) and also to help with the pre-prodution and to plan all of the shots that we needed re-create and catalogue them into a call sheet.

We received some very good feedback from people that watched the video and it has received over 800 views on the IGS Media Studies youtube account! Please feel free to comment and leave your own feedback on this!

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