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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Feedback From The Sample Footage Screening

These are some of the comments and advice that we received from screening our sample screening..
    The photos that the protagonist looks at in the bedroom need to either be shown in a separate shot so the audience know what she is looking at or just taken out all together
  • The whole music video could possibly be in reverse to what we have, faster cuts were when the slow music was and slow cuts were with the faster music, didn't really make sense and was a little bit confusing, the pace will complement the audio/visual the other way round.
  • The actor needs to do more, they said she was too boring and dull to look at, she needs to do different moves and not just have her head in her hands all the time.
  • More locations need to be included.
  • There needs to  be more depth to it all, and the context of why all of it is happening.
  • The panning from behind when Emily was on the wall worked really well and created a nice effect.
  • The eposing of the cameraman (was accidental and we did it to save time during the shoot becuase it was really cold and we didn't have much time) actually worked quite well and would have made this video 'different', this also could of been an intertextual reference to the Guns N' Roses video for Sweet Child Of Mine [watch it here].
  • Our audience (of teenagers that were 16,17,18) told us that it could of been watched by the main target audience and it is stereotypical to the genre (post-hardcore and alternative rock).
  • The central protagonist journey throughout the video didn't last for very long and they also said that there was too much repetition so more locations were needed.
  • Flashbacks could also be used when she goes to visit the different locations, they bring back good/ bad memories to her.
  • There could be a page from a newspaper with "MISSING GIRL" on it that blows past her as she is walking along the street.
  • There needed to be a lot more depth featured throughout the video.
  • Using interesting and creative shots filmed through the railing and at strange angles (Hitchcock/dutch angle) and breaking the 180°rule would all create disorientation and a feeling of isolation for the audience.

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