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Friday, 9 July 2010

Music Video Practice Pitch

I have chosen the song  Hometown Glory - By Adele. However I have chosen the High Contrast remix of it because I like this version better and I think the original version of this song already has a music video to go with it. I also think that there is lots of scope within this song to create a music video to it. 
The original version of this song is quite slow and reflective however this remix is more faster paced and therefore provides quite a few more options for creating the music video for it.  My understanding of thew song is that its about her hometown and the area that she lives in however this version doesn’t actually include as many lyrics and is more about the different rhythms and sounds used within the song and how it builds up and down throughout creating the reflectiveness and mood that can change people’s mood just from listening to the song.

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Original Adele video [ youtube -
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