This is my A2 media coursework blog. I will be creating a music video for the song 'Confessions' by 'We Are The Ocean'. The project also involves creating a digipak album and a magazine advert for the digipak.

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Music Video Day Feedback and Final Product

In this post I will give just a few of my views, ideas and some feedback on the music video day....

What have we learn't from music video day?

  • We need to thoroughly plan and prepare exactly what shots you want to be filmed before the day, and also sticking to the   CALL SHEET.
  • Organisation of times, people, props, locations etc.. is absolutely necessary for the filming to go smoothly and to plan. 

What challenges did we see from creating the music video?

  • lip syncing
  • time to plan and work out what we wanted to shoot and actually shooting it
  • the dance routines and imitating exactly  what was on the original music video itself
  • Directing and keeping control of all of the cast and crew 
  • Copying exactly what they do even if you don't have the right facilities and equipment (we especially experienced this problem in the gym with not having lots of benches for Britney to sit on and with camera shots and angles such as the crane shot.

Here it is, the final product:

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